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Soar like a comet!

A while back I started watching Steven Universe, an amazing cartoon by Rebecca Sugar, whom you might also know from Adventure Time. I am not going to review the show right now because it will require A SHIT-TON OF WRITING. Instead, I’m just gonna share a song from the episode Story for Steven, a glam metal masterpiece which really gave me an ear-worm and some serious goosebumps, and I just have to share it with the universe (get it? Universe? Steven Universe? Heh). Seriously, listen to it, it’s amazing.

say I have no direction, that I’m a light-speed distraction, that’s a knee-jerk reaction.
Still, this is the final frontier, everything is so clear, to my destiny I steer
This life in the stars is all I’ve ever known,
Stars and stardust in infinite space is my only home
But the moment that I hit the stage, thousands of voices are calling my name
And I know in my heart it’s been worth it all of the while
And as my albums fly off of the shelves, handing out autographed pics of myself,
This life I chose isn’t easy but sure is one heck of a ride
At the moment that I hit the stage, I hear the universe calling my name
And I know deep down in my heart I have nothing to fear
And as the solar wind blows through my hair, knowing I have so much more left to share
A wandering spirit who’s tearing its way through the cold atmosphere
I’ll fly like a comet
Soar like a comet
Crash like a comet
I’m just a comet

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How To Build Your Dragon

First of all, yes, I am older than 10. Second of all, that doesn’t mean I’ll ever stop playing with toys.

Okay, that being said, yesterday I bought a really cool toy! It’s a toy that you have to assemble! And it’s also a dragon! And it can move! How cool is that?

It’s this thing -> <- I didn’t get it from Amazon, and mine is in Croatian, but it’s the same thing. It’s from Dragonology series, which I have never even heard about, but it has dragon toys so I guess it’s awesome.

And for those as nerdy as me, and with as much free time, here’s a quick video of me assembling and playing with it:

It’s cool, I swear!

As for the set itself, it’s not that easy to assemble, mostly due to really illogically numbered parts and not really precise factory-cutting of the cardboard pieces, but all in all, it’s fun, and it does look quite cool when finished. This was a fun little project for sure.

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Robin Hood Set in Dubrovnik

There’s apparently a new Robin Hood movie coming next year – Robin Hood: Origins. I myself care only for one Robin Hood ecranisation, and that is, of course, Robin Hood: Men in Tights. I really love the story of Robin Hood, and I believe it was one of the first books I ever read, so I would really like this movie to be good. It probably wont, considering the cast and crew, of whom I’ve heard only about that boy from Kingsman: The Secret Service (who plays Robin Hood, no less) and Jamie Foxx, who plays Little John, which makes perfect sense, since many of the medieval British warriors had dark skin. Leonardo DiCaprio’s name is also supposed to give some credibility to the movie, as he is apparently one of the producers, but I don’t really like him (at all) so I’m just gonna pass over that factoid.

Anyway, what *is* interesting is that one of the locations where the movie is being filmed is, get this, a few meters from my new apartment! Aside from Game of Thrones and Star Wars, this is one of the rare occasions where I won’t be an extra in something being filmed in Dubrovnik, because, honestly, I got quite tired of it after years and years of doing it. It is fun, and it is nice to see yourself on TV screen, but it’s also very tiring, very boring most of the time, and the money is not that good. So I’m skipping this one as well.

Me (on the left) and Mark Ryder as Cezare Borgia inĀ Borgia

However, even though I won’t be a part of the movie, what I will be doing is documenting whatever I can that has to do with it, because why not. So here’s a little gallery of how it looks so far:

Anyway, Dubrovnik seems to be quite a popular movie-filming location again, ever since it became King’s Landing in HBO’s Game of Thrones (nope, still haven’t seen it). I don’t know how to feel about that, considering that we have one of the richest histories in the world – seriously, we do – which seems to get pushed aside by all the movies and TV shows being filmed here. You wouldn’t believe how many people come here only because Game of Thrones, totally unaware of the fact that Dubrovnik Republic was the first country to recognize United States as an independent country, or that we had the first sewage system in the world (which still works, by the way), or that we were the first ones to abolish slavery, or that we had the first quarantine in the period when the Plague wrought havoc over Europe. On the other hand, I am a huge nerd after all, so I’m also quite excited by all the cool scenes being filmed here. So I’m kinda torn between hating and loving it, which is quite the default state for people from Dubrovnik anyway, so I guess it’s fine.

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Best video in the Universe

I have many hobbies, and I love many things. I’m a geek, so these things mostly fall into the geeky category, but there are two which I love the most – Star Trek and cosplay. There’s a few other things near the top of my interest-list, with boardgames and reading definitely in the top tier as well, but for this particular post Star Trek and cosplay are the most relevant. Why? Because I finally found a video that sums up these two things, and mixes them with auto-tuning, which I also love very, very much.

LOOK AT THIS THING! It’s perfect! It has everything – great rhythm, tune you can dance to, Captain Picard and Data cosplay, Klingon Victory Song, some of the greatest Picard quotes… Holy. Crap! It’s been on repeat the whole day today, and I can foresee a huge number of plays in the future.

I mean, everything is amazing – Pogo‘s dance-moves, lip-sync, and the Data impression is creepily perfect. My mind is completely and utterly blown…

Now, I know there are many amazing videos in the vastness of teh Internetz, but I dare you to find something better than this!