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How To Build Your Dragon

First of all, yes, I am older than 10. Second of all, that doesn’t mean I’ll ever stop playing with toys.

Okay, that being said, yesterday I bought a really cool toy! It’s a toy that you have to assemble! And it’s also a dragon! And it can move! How cool is that?

It’s this thing -> <- I didn’t get it from Amazon, and mine is in Croatian, but it’s the same thing. It’s from Dragonology series, which I have never even heard about, but it has dragon toys so I guess it’s awesome.

And for those as nerdy as me, and with as much free time, here’s a quick video of me assembling and playing with it:

It’s cool, I swear!

As for the set itself, it’s not that easy to assemble, mostly due to really illogically numbered parts and not really precise factory-cutting of the cardboard pieces, but all in all, it’s fun, and it does look quite cool when finished. This was a fun little project for sure.



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